The Christmas Gift Guide On a Budget

Gifts are one of my love languages. I love to buy tiny things for my friends whether its keychains, mugs, socks, or candles. I've bought coffee socks for friends who like coffee; I've bought cacti prints for friends who are into plants. This is why Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! If you've been … Continue reading The Christmas Gift Guide On a Budget

City of Dreams // NYC pt 6.

Monday // December 18 // Day 6

I woke up today in the city that never sleeps, and wanted to fall asleep in this city of dreams.

This day began as slowly as the rest of the days of my trip - at 10am and beautiful. I met a fellow nursing student, Josh, at 11 at Black Seed Bagels, a chain that specializes in wood-fired bagels. After eating a delicious breakfast made of an egg, cheese, avocado, and tomato sandwich, we decided to take a walk.