SWTX: r o a d t r i p

r o a d t r i p

In honor of the 1.1 year anniversary, I haven’t forgotten the fact that I’ve promised pics and an explanation of my random trip into the Texan desert in March 2018. As an overview, Sydney and I both wanted to go somewhere new over our spring breaks this year. Both of us voted for the desert, so we ended going over 3000 miles from start to finish. Click this picture to check out the absolutely incredible video Sydney made of our trip:

Link to Syd Video

For me, I wanted to make a three-part series about all the things we did in West Texas just because there were three distinct parts of the trip for me. While not chronological, I think this is the clearest way to describe what we did.

the r o a d t r i p


PART 3: Big Bend National Park

Sydney and I started from Dallas and ended up driving over 26 hours in Texas.  While we had two big destinations in our trip, Marfa and Big Bend National Park, we had a few accidental stops along our road trip. The most notable were the cities of Odessa and Austin as well as Balmorrhea Natural Spring.

basically the plan


Our first stop in Odessa was a random Stonehenge replica that a university built. The backstory of this structure was unknown to Sydney and me, but it made a fun stop after driving from Dallas. Our photoshoot made us feel like we stepped back in time as archeologists like Indiana Jones, but it definitely was a weird destination.

The next w e i r d destination in Odessa was the Odessa Crater. A massive meteor hit the area many years ago and left a crater. We read a few blogs before going to see what it might be like, and the websites said this:

“as disappointing as an empty parking lot”

“barely noticeable”

Well, they were wrong about it being barely noticeable as a crater. But the cool thing is you could walk down into the crater. So I’ve been in a crater y’all.  Bucket List: ✅


This destination was probably the first place we stopped that made us feel like we were truly on a road trip. The spring was in a valley surrounded by mountains and we only saw about four people while we were there. It was 15ft deep in some parts, and it was massive.

I cannot describe the colors that we saw in that water. The springs were at the deepest part of the lake created by the water, so the community had turned the lake into a walled pool complete with diving boards and stairs to help you get into it. But this was more than a traditional pool.

Turquoise and blue algae lined the bottom and edges, and there were little fishies that swam up to you and would nibble on your toes. It was horrifying at first, and cold, but Sydney and I both got over that part to jump off the diving board. It was stunning. The pictures don’t do it justice.


Sydney and I arrived in Austin at the end of SXSW so we, unfortunately, weren’t able to go to any concerts. The art installations were still up, and we loved the streamers hanging from the buildings.

We got some Torchy’s while we were there AND we went to Hamilton Pool. We wanted to go to Jacob’s Well, but the Well isn’t open in March. We went for what we thought would be second best, but it was absolutely gorgeous. Another natural lake that’s hollowed out a cavern next to the pool, the colors were absolutely stunning. Although it was a little cloudy that day and too cold to swim, we walked around the entire pool and felt satisfied without journey. Hamilton Pool was our final destination before heading back to Dallas, so while we were there, we made our last attempts to soak in the roadtrip vibes.

Syd also took her film camera along and took some incredible photos. Here are a few below.

r o a d t r i p  V I B E S

We ultimately drove all the way back to our homes in Birmingham and Charleston, but our main road trip was in Texas.

After this trip, I’m convinced that everyone should take a road trip to the middle of nowhere at least once in their twenties. I definitely think every woman should. There’s nothing like a little road trip to nowhere to really reset your head and heart and help you have a little introspection and perspective in your life.

We did so much that it’s hard to put it all together. Get ready for the story of the best road trip I have ever been on.


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