5 New Things to Do With Your Friends This Weekend

It’s no secret among my friends that I’m somewhat of an adrenaline seeker. From things like roller coasters to meeting up with random strangers on trips, sometimes I make some risky decisions. But when it comes down to it, I really only make these decisions when I have friends to back me up or to do them with me.

I’ve just moved to a new city and I’m meeting new people and making new memories. For all of us that are still adjusting to a new city and for those who just want to build up their relationships with their friends, here are some great friendship-building ideas for you to try this weekend! I guarantee that there is one here that you haven’t tried before, so get out there this weekend and have some fun!

Let’s try something new today!

  1. Paintball
Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash

Nothing says friendship like going to the woods and shooting each other with pellets of paint. You can divide up into boys and girls, the oldest vs the youngest, based on your favorite college football team, but seriously don’t knock it until you try it! It may be a little scary at first, but I promise you will get into it once the competition starts and you figure out you can casually get back at your friend for your shirt she accidentally spilled her drink on the other night.

  1. Skydiving, Bungee Jump, or Trapeze Lessons
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Adrenaline Seeker? Willing to check something off your bucket list this weekend? Get a group of friends together and go fly! Y’all will bond over this adrenaline rush that makes some terrified. Not quite into skydiving? Another option is to find a place that has bungee jumping or trapeze lessons! We can all get our “The Greatest Showman” fix in with that Trapeze and feel like Zendaya for a hot second. Then maybe we’ll get our own Zac Efron.

3. Escape Room

Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

Escape Rooms are all the rage now especially because you can do it with your friends and compete to see if y’all have compatible relationships! Each Escape Room is a little bit different, so whatever city you’re in creates a unique adventure for you to race against the clock. They often have themes like prison, haunted houses, secret agents, or the Wild West.

  1. Do a Progressive Dinner
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

This is something I’ve always wanted to try! I’ve never done it with restaurants, but growing up we used to do it for Christmas time! Basically, you move from place to place and get different parts of your meal. For instance, you start at one place and get an appetizer, then you go to another place and all get soup or salad. Next, you find a place to get dinner, and finally your last place is to get dessert!

In honor of going to Nashville this weekend, here’s my suggestion for what to try in Music City,

Appetizers: L.A. Jackson’s Truffle Fries

Soup, Salad, Sides: Merchant’s Tomato Bisque

Dinner: Urban Grub’s Springer Mountain Chicken

Dessert: Jackson’s Cookie Dough Eggrolls

  1. Take a Mini Road Trip
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Pick a direction. Any direction. Or pick a near by city. The only rule is that it has to be at least 1 hour outside of your city. Maybe even 1.5 hours. Grab a car full of friends and find a destination or just start driving. Often our best memories are on road trips that we have with our friends, so why not create a mini one to get to know each other better, but also to explore where you live!

Best of luck trying new spontaneous and adrenaline seeking things with your friends this weekend!


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