Your Top 5 Essential Travel Accessories

So I did a little bit of surprise travel this weekend to surprise a friend for her birthday. I love the quick weekend get away. Quite a few of my friends experience stress during travel, but travel comes mostly stress-free to me because I love all the pieces of the process to get from one place to another. I love to plan the trip. I love to pick out what I’m going to wear. I love to experience changes in plans to have stories to tell. I love to fly. I’m always telling people that my happiest place is on the back seat of an airplane during takeoff.

With all of this traveling that I end up doing, I’ve learned how to pack pretty compactly. Now, it only takes me about less than an or so to pack for a short trip if I’ve picked out most of what I want to wear.

There are still a few things that I take with me NO MATTER where I’m going for my inflight routine. I do a lot of work on my flights when I travel – both personal and professional. Traveling motivates me and helps keep me focused on my long term goals.

If you’re traveling soon, take it from me that these 5 things will come in handy on your next flight!

1. An Extra Set of Headphones:

It goes without saying that having a way to listen to your music is important. I keep two pairs of headphones with me whenever I travel. I keep my Bluetooth headphones that are sound-proof with me and usually use them for most of my music listening. But, whenever they run out of battery or I feel uncomfortable walking through parts of the airport with my giant headphones that are half the size of my head, I switch to low profile wired earphones. It’s good to have a backup set especially if you travel as much as I do.

I use Apple Headphones and then these Bohm B66 ones that are sound-reducing!Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.42.53 PM.png

2. Portable Charger

By far one of the best things that I received as a gift one Christmas was a tiny portable charger. With a USB port, this little cylinder smaller than a deck of cards has saved my life in many situations. I used it multiple times on my recent trip to New York, and I found it helpful when I went to Ecuador last year.  It’s so small that it fits into your bag so it’s a great subtle charging option. I have the one below and you can probably get 1-2 full 0-100% charges out of it before recharging the charger itself. The one linked here is similar to the one that I have!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.47.10 PM

3. Journal

Everything is electronic this day, but sometimes there are sentiments and thoughts that cannot be expressed over email. There’s also the added factor of technology can die or be stolen, so sometimes its easier to write what you want to remember than to type it. Journaling is something that is a lot less common than it used to be, but we all know that there are real benefits to diligently reflecting on what it going on around us.

4. Lightweight Jacket

Don’t get cold!! I always keep a jacket with me even if I’m wearing a sweater or I think that I’ll be warm. Planes fluctuate so much because of how many people are on them, and you never know the temperature of the airport you’ll be arriving in. It also helps to keep a jacket outside of your suitcase so you aren’t stuffing your suitcase full of clothes as much.

5. Pleasure Reading

Bring a book with you because like mentioned before, your phone could die (are you sensing a theme?) I’ve had my technology die SO many times when I’ve still had a few hours of travel left. While waiting for my phone to charge, I know that I have a book to occupy my time and boost my IQ. Check out the Book of the Month subscription that I use to get new books sometimes! (If you subscribe, I’ll get one too and then we can talk about the books we get!)



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