5 Things I Learned In NYC // NYC Pt. 7

Tuesday // December 19 // Day 7

I left NYC this morning. I don’t recall ever going on a trip before and being so sad to leave the city itself. I found a place in New York City that I never thought I would. So, I made a list of the 5 things that I will miss while I’m away from New York City – and I say away because I now that I will be back to this beautiful city.

  1. THE FOOD // Man, I thought Nashville and Charleston had good food. But, there’s nothing that can beat really good ethnic food and the mingling of good chefs and lots of people to try the food. I ate ramen, Japaneese BBQ, Kosher brunch, and Thai food, pizza, and unique creations like Rainbow Bagels and man oh man I want more. I would go back just for the food.
  2. THE LANGUAGES // I’ve been to Washington D.C. before, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many languages being spoken in one place before going to NYC. Even in our capital, I didn’t just hear people speaking so many languages in the local venues and restaurants. As someone who loves the way languages sound, it was magical.
  3. THE HUSTLE // There are so many people in New York, and I don’t just mean on the streets and in the subway. I loved that there were hundreds of people around me at all times especially beacuse you could allow yourself to feel like just a person in a crowd. But, the hustle of the city also came from the drive that you could sense in each person around you! Drive and passion is one of the most attractive attributes of an individual in my opinion, so I felt drawn to this crowd in NYC!
  4. THE FASHION // I love fashion. I love specific brands, but I also love the art of fashion. I appreciate that there is a daily way that individuals can portray their emotions, personality, and beliefs through their clothes. The fact that New York City is the center of American fashion was not lost on me especially when there are so many outfits around that can seem a little outlandish because they are so unique! I felt 100% comfortable with dressing a little edgier and outside my comfort zone than I normally would because of this, and I cried a little of joy everyday when I saw beautiful and trendy looks on the street!
  5. THE OPPORTUNITY // There is an opportunity for ANYONE in New York! Between fashion, the arts, finance, medicine, technology, journalism, politics, and so much more, New York City felt like it draws on the hearts of so many people. I could see myself settling here and becoming involved with the Met and it’s philanthropic work as well as building a community of people who are just as interested as me in the world around them and interested in learning new things while also being okay with being uncomfortable.

I think these are the main reasons why I loved New York so much. Aptly called the City of Dreams, NYC definitely pulled out all my dreams. My mom always tells me I’m a dreamer, but I’ve learned that dreams don’t have to be just dreams.  All it takes is a little drive, a little hope, and a lot of hard work. Maybe NYC is calling my name.

In other news, the cutest dog sat next to me on my flight out from NYC. I loved the way he was watching the city as we flew away!

Until next time New York City,

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