City of Dreams // NYC pt 6.

Monday // December 18 // Day 6

I woke up today in the city that never sleeps, and wanted to fall asleep in this city of dreams.

This day began as slowly as the rest of the days of my trip – at 10am and beautiful. I met a fellow nursing student, Josh, at 11 at Black Seed Bagels, a chain that specializes in wood-fired bagels. After eating a delicious breakfast made of an egg, cheese, avocado, and tomato sandwich, we decided to take a walk.

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We went over to Rizzoli’s – a beautiful bookshop with delicate woodwork in its interior. We browsed for a bit, enjoying conversation about politics and our favorite books while also picking out books we might want to read. I bought a set of notecards with Breakfast at Tiffany’s quotes on them, and I totally plan to cut some of them out in order to put them on my walls! It wasn’t until later that I realized I had missed seeing more of the store – specifically the wooden balcony and the marble staircase! I don’t know how I missed it!

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From the bookstore, we walked over to Washington Square to see the arch and the park, passing by the Empire State Building as we wandered.

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We made the long walk over to the New York Public Library because we just had to see the lions! We also walked into the library to see the woodwork and the ceiling murals. The library was decorated for Christmas, so I’m glad that we went in as well. I felt bad for all of the people studying in the library though. I’m sure it was always noisy since there were so many people inside the library!



Josh and I went to the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge after the library because I was going to meet another friend from school who lives in the city! Josh and I split ways once we got to the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge where I met Ivan! Ivan and I go to nursing school together, and he is from Roosevelt Island – an island on the East River in between Manhattan and Brooklyn. He was home for the holidays and so we decided to meet up to try some Rainbow Bagels.

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We walked across the bridge into Brooklyn while catching up on life. He, of course, complained every time I asked for a picture, but I didn’t mind because, oh my gosh, it’s NEW YORK CITY. I almost got killed by a biker because, like a tourist, I stood in the bike lane for a picture.

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Once we reached the other side, we realized that the place that we wanted to go to get Rainbow Bagels was too far to walk, so we got a taxi there.

WE FINALLY GOT RAINBOW BAGELS. After spending the entire trip waiting for these Insta-famous and gram-worthy treats, I finally tried Rainbow Bagels. Ivan and I resorted to eating them on the subway on our way to Roosevelt Island to see where he grew up. They were every inch as Insta-worthy as I thought they would be, and they tasted AMAZING. Totally worth the trek to Brooklyn.

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Ivan was just as excited as me!!

I am convinced that Roosevelt Island is the most underrated and secret NYC destination spot. To get to Roosevelt Island you have to take the subway or an AirTram that goes over the river. We opted for the AirTram, and I declare this is the city of beautiful skylines. The view from the air tram made my heart flutter, and the view from Roosevelt Island made me want to drop everything and move to the city right away.

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the view from the AirTram!

Ivan and I finished our bagels on what he calls the “Meditation Steps” at Roosevelt Island. There was so much green space on this tiny island that it made my heart so happy.

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We went back Downtown after eating and took the AirTram across again!

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Afterwards, we stopped by The Jeffrey for a few craft beers and some good conversation. Our drinks needed some NYC pizza to go with them, so on his suggestion, the two of us went to Joe’s Pizza in the East Village to get some classic pizza and oh my it was so good. I don’t know if it was the late night food, or the pizza itself, but I could eat a whole pizza of Joe’s Pizza.



Because I had to pack for my early morning flight, we left pretty early in the evening and I went back to Christy’s to pack and get ready for my long day of traveling the next day.

I can’t believe I already have to leave the city!! The week has gone by so quickly, and I’m sad that I don’t have any plans to come back soon. Looks like I’ll be planning my next trip over the holidays!



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