It’s Been Waiting for You // NYC Pt 5.

There aren’t many pictures in this post because all of them ended up on Christy’s camera!

Sunday // December 18th // Day 5.

I think it’s fascinating to me that I originally thoughts I wouldn’t have enough to write about in order to post once a day. However, I’ve found that I have so many thoughts that my posts are getting longer and longer.

New York is becoming my normal. Falling asleep in this city, waking up in this city, walking the streets of this city, taking the subway – it all feels natural. Like I was meant to do it. I’m starting to sense a possible dream destination for work in the fall.

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Christy and I woke up earlier than usual to go to church. Christy goes to a church on Park Ave., and might I tell you that it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The inside looks like a grand European church, but it’s right in the heart of New York City! I love church because I always feel refreshed and motivated at the end of the service. This morning was no exception.

Following church and lunch upstairs at the church, Christy and I were torn between taking the day slow and wandering the streets of New York. We took a happy medium where we spent most of the day shopping and then met a mutual friend for dinner!


Below are some of the pictures that I took around the city while we were exploring. We went in so many stores that further made me want to move to the city. We were able to walk into the flagship stores of some of my favorite brands (including but not limited to Valentino and Kate Spade as well as a Goyard?! store), AND we even went to Tiffany’s. Since Audrey Hepburn is literally one of my favorite celebrities ever, I couldn’t resist feeling like her as we looked at diamonds, pendants, and the pretty blue boxes that Tiffany’s is known for.

We also walked to St. Patrick’s and were able to see the beautiful architecture inside of the church!

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Our shopping trip ended when we met our friend, Natalie, at Ngam – a Thai restaurant in the East Village. Funny story – so Natalie and I went to undergrad together and she moved to New York City around the same time that Christy – my friend from my hometown moved there. By an incredible turn of events, the two of them became friends without me even knowing! It’s such a sweet thing when two dear friends become good friends!!

Ngam was so good. I love Thai food, and this was no exception. To be honest, I was having so much fun talking to my friends and eating the delicious food that I forgot to take a picture of any of it! But, I do know that Ngam is known for it’s Thai burger (which none of us got), and it also is well-known in the city for it’s delicious food. I ended up with the Squash Pad Thai. The dish was a twist on the classic Pad Thai in that it used Squash noodles instead of rice noodles as the base for the dish. Literally ate it all. So. Good.

Christy and I crashed on the couch when we got home, but not before we could enjoy another Christmas movie!! We watched The Christmas Prince, that Netflix Christmas movie everyone is talking about, and it was actually pretty good! I think we also watched White Christmas again somewhere in there. Since Christy had to work in the morning, and I was off to explore the city, the two of us went to bed soon after our Christmas movie binge. New York, I love you!


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