Silver Bells, Silver Bells // NYC Pt. 4

A lot of my posts for the next few days of NYC will have less pictures because my friend and I took most of them on her camera!

Saturday // December 16 // Day 4

Today was long, but we only did a few things today! Sleep. Eat. Art. Socialize.

Christy and I literally slept until 11am today. I guess that happens when you wander around until early in the morning!

After eating Cava the other day, I had to go back at least one more time before I go back to Nashville! Christy had also never been so we headed over to Cava near Union Square in order to expose her to the wonderful experience that is Cava!

After Cava, Christy and I decided to go to the Met because let’s be real, it’s New York, and both of us genuinely love art! I studied art history in undergrad, and Christy spent a lot of time in Europe this past year visiting art museums. So between the two of us, we were thrilled to explore the vast halls of the Met and see Egyptian ruins, Renoir paintings, and sculptures from Ancient Greece and Rome.

On our way, we say a French flag above a beautiful building and decided to wander in and see what was there! What we found was a beautiful French/English bookstore called Albertine. There were books in both languages and the most beautiful astrology mural painted on the ceiling!



Then, onto the Met!

I LOVE art museums mostly because I can see visually how cultures changed and morphed in response to war, famine, trade, and the intersection of two empires.  The artwork that I find the most fascinating come from eras where a community lived in the shadow of another empire or immediately after the fall of one. These pieces of work often pull from one’s own culture and the influences of the other empire creating the intersection of beliefs and techniques that display how art can transcend discord and strife. It is it’s own language that can cross both cultures and time to paint of picture of how we all have similar emotions and traits.


After our step into the past, Christy and I then met up with some of her friends from church and had a fabulous Christmas movie night with wine and plenty of cheese in addition to the cheesiness of the movies! We all agreed that the guys in cheesy Christmas rom-coms look similar, but we still love them anyways. I definitely needed this night. We rested with our friends and enjoyed simply laughing at romance, but also delighting in dreaming up hopes for our own romances!

In the evening, we decided to meet up with a photographer that we had met earlier in the week who is on holiday from Australia. Check out his instagram! He’s extremely talented. Our first stop was The Lost Lady in East Village where we each tried a few of the drinks on the menu there! Our favorites were by far the Capsized Colada and the Donnie the Rum Bum. They both had a tropical flare, and we really enjoyed them both.

Following this bar, we walked over to another bar on St. Marks Place called Goodnight Sonny. The book-lined walls and the classy drinks were a great way to finish our evening. It’s a smaller place, but it was packed when we visited. After some Moscow Mules, we decided to head home and get some good sleep before our busy day on Sunday.


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