5 Things I Learned In NYC // NYC Pt. 7

Tuesday // December 19 // Day 7 I left NYC this morning. I don’t recall ever going on a trip before and being so sad to leave the city itself. I found a place in New York City that I never thought I would. So, I made a list of the 5 things that I will miss while I’m away from New York City - and I say away because I now that I will be back to this beautiful city.

City of Dreams // NYC pt 6.

Monday // December 18 // Day 6 I woke up today in the city that never sleeps, and wanted to fall asleep in this city of dreams. This day began as slowly as the rest of the days of my trip - at 10am and beautiful. I met a fellow nursing student, Josh, at 11 at Black Seed Bagels, a chain that specializes in wood-fired bagels. After eating a delicious breakfast made of an egg, cheese, avocado, and tomato sandwich, we decided to take a walk.

It’s Been Waiting for You // NYC Pt 5.

Sunday // December 18th // Day 5. I think it's fascinating to me that I originally thoughts I wouldn't have enough to write about in order to post once a day. However, I've found that I have so many thoughts that my posts are getting longer and longer. New York is becoming my normal. Falling asleep in this city, waking up in this city, walking the streets of this city, taking the subway...

Silver Bells, Silver Bells // NYC Pt. 4

A lot of my posts for the next few days of NYC will have less pictures because my friend and I took most of them on her camera! Saturday // December 16 // Day 4 Today was long, but we only did a few things today! Sleep. Eat. Art. Socialize. Christy and I literally slept until 11am today. I guess that happens when you wander around until early in the morning!

The City that Never Sleeps // NYC Pt. 3

This may be the city that never sleeps, so Christy and I have become people who practically never sleep. We went to bed late last night, and we tried waking up early this morning to walk through Chelsea Market. That didn't work, but we woke up around 9am. It wouldn't be a trip with Rachael without brunch.