The Yummiest Nutella French Toast Ever.

I took Sydney’s advice on things to try in November, and decided to try making something completely from scratch. Y’all. This was so good. The Nutella was just enough chocolate without being too rich (sorry people who adore chocolate – I’m more of a vanilla kind of girl). Light and fluffy, this breakfast was the best way to spend my morning, especially since I didn’t have to get out of my PJ’s on Saturday morning!

It’s been such a long two weeks. I am a full time graduate student, a part time nanny, and I hate too much down time, so my life tends to be full of kiddos, tests, and meetings! I LOVE it, but it can be busy. Last week, I had four tests, over 20 hours of nannying, and competed in a case competition. This week, I had block week meaning I had to be on campus for clinical, lab training, and certain lectures.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving! It gives me opportunities to have Friendsgiving and spend time with family in the next week. Enjoy this easy breakfast treat for all your family and friends this Thanksgiving!

 French Toast Blog Post

Did you try it? If you did, or any other great November ideas, be sure to tag us in your pictures and use the hashtag #newthingsNovember





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