The 3 Secret Skyline Views in Nashville Only Locals Know About

Nashville’s famous Batman Building is what most people remember when they visit the area, but locals know that Downtown has not only grown tremendously in the past few years, but the skyline is now riddled with cranes. I don’t claim to be a local, but I have lived here for long enough to know some of the secrets that only locals know about the area. Some of the secrets of the area include scenic overlooks and beautiful views of this rapidly growing city! I’ve visited three of my favorite recently, and I wanted to share all of these gems with you!

1. Percy Warner’s Luke Lea Heights Scenic Overlook

About 25 minutes down West End from the center of the city is Percy Warner Park. A nature reserve in the Brentwood area of Nashville, Percy Warner is a local’s favorite place to go hiking, enjoy the outdoor weather, and spend some time away from the busy city. One of the secrets of this park is that in the heart of the woods, there is a stunning view of the entire Nashville Valley. From the top of the hill, you can see the skyline of downtown AND the miles of trees that surround the Downtown Nashville that lies inside the interstate beltline. This view isn’t a close up of the city, but it is especially beautiful in the fall when all of the trees have changed colors to match the season!

You can drive to the scenic overlook, but it’s not mapable via Google Maps.

Just put “Percy Warner Park” into your GPS. You can also put “Luke Lea Heights Scenic Outlook” in Google Maps as well.

2. Love Circle (Love Park)

In between West End and 21st Avenue just off Natchez Trace, Love Circle sits on a hill next to Vanderbilt’s Campus. It’s a favorite spot for sunrise and sunset watching, so  Love Circle is known as a romantic destination for college students, first dates, and engagements. It’s in the heart of the Natchez Trace neighborhood, and it takes a little manuvering up some steep hills to find it. This spot is a great place to walk to from Vanderbilt’s Stadium or if you’ve spent the day in Hillsboro Village. The view is from the East of the city, so you can look over Vanderbilt’s campus from this spot as well.

Put “Love Park” into your GPS!

3. Rose Park

In the Edgehill neighborhood of Nashville, the view from this park is the closest view you can get of the entire Nashville skyline. Once you’ve parked in the parking lot at the back of the school, take a 30 second walk in the picnic coverings to see this hidden wonder. This is probably the least known spot because it is right next to the elementary school. However, you definitely don’t want to miss this one because you can get an unobstructed view of the Batman building.

Address to put in your GPS: 1000 Edgehill Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Have any more secret spots in Nashville? Be sure to send them to us!


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