Brunch is Bigger in Texas

It’s taken me a few weeks to get this written, but I wanted to share about the wonderful weekend I had in Dallas before I wrote about anything else!

So just as a recap, I spent the week before school started in Dallas visiting some of my best friends.

The Saturday morning that we were there would not have been the same without brunch. And in Texas, it’s just as important.  Saturday was special because we celebrated the birthday of one of our own! She was the queen of the day, and we spent it shopping, brunching, and spending sweet time with each other.

Mudhen’s Migas with a frise salad and Blood Orange Mimosa

Our first stop was to Mudhen Meat & Greens to have a fresh and local mid-morning meal. The food is local Texan and Mexican-inspired cuisine, but they use the freshest ingredients from local areas. There is even a board on the wall with checks next to the pieces of produce that are in season. Brunch also means mimosas, and Mudhen does double mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays! I had a beautiful blood orange mimosa garnished with a blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry in a mason jar. PTL for southern mason jar flare.

The afternoon was spent shopping in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. The area reminded me of the Hillsboro Village and the 12th South area of Nashville. There were candle shops, antique stores, bohemian-themed boutiques, and art galleries. The buildings are all painted with beautiful bright colors and murals that reflected the desert flare of Texas and the urban beauty of Dallas.

After a quick nap and some more cake, we had to celebrate at dinner!

To celebrate the birthday girl, we went to Rapscallion – a casual yet fine-dining inspired restaurant in Greenville. We enjoyed duck, fish, and some incredible BBQ Chicken.  Obviously we have to have dessert on a birthday, so we ate the rest of our donut shaped cake along with some wine from Trader Joe’s. (God Bless Joe.)

Sunday morning called for, you guessed it, more brunch. Today took us to Mesaro in Greenville. Its menu is influenced by Mexican cuisine traditions. Their tomatillo salsa stole the show with large chunks of avocado in it.

Then, for the second time this weekend, I went to Northpark and literally fell in love with more beautiful clothes that were added to my Christmas list. I could spend literal days here trying on all of the clothes that I want but don’t need right now since most of my wardrobe is athleisure and scrubs.

And finally, what trip to Texas would be complete without Torchy’s? It was my first time, so I ate the Democrat – a corn tortilla pilled with avocado, pulled pork, and tomatillo sauce. (Are you sensing a theme in my favorite foods?)

That weekend that I spent in Dallas was so restful and sweet. It’s always a joy to spend time with close friends, but my favorite thing is to spend this time creating new memories, trying new foods, and visiting new places. Dallas is a growing city, and it has much to offer anyone – a local, a traveler, or someone looking for a new home. Definitely add it to your places to visit this year. I know I’ve added it to my list of favorite cities.


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