Dallas, Sunshine, and Whiskey

Starting this Thursday, I have been visiting Dallas, Texas to see a few of my best friends. I’ve been twice before, but never with my best girl friends. As you could probably guess, the weekend has full of nature, libations, and plenty of food. Today (Saturday) is also a birthday celebration for one of my friends!

The weekend started on Thursday when I flew into Love Field. The airport itself reminded me a lot of the Raleigh-Durham airport with its big glass windows, natural light, and modern stainless steel designs. I keep track of all the airports that I have been in (whether as transfers or destinations), so this makes my United States count to be over 15 airports. This doesn’t sound like many, but I fly repeatedly to some of the same cities in the U.S. My main hub right now is Nashville.

Thursday was spent shopping at Northpark Mall. I love this place because it has most of the highest fashion luxury brands that I respect and enjoy, but that I can’t always find in every city.  It’s nice to actually hold the pieces I think I want and see if I like the feel of an item rather than just judging it online. Northpark also has a lot of natural light and beautiful artwork throughout the atriums of the mall.

For dinner on Thursday, we went to Baboush – a Moroccan restaurant in West Village. It was one of the first places that I ever went in Dallas, and my friends and I love it. They have incredible lamb kebobs and Moroccan mint tea with a Moroccan decorated atmosphere. It’s cozy and you can count on deliciously prepared food here.

Our post-dinner plans took us to the Rustic where we enjoyed cocktails in the backyard and delicious banana pudding. I had a Rosemary Williams to drink which was a bourbon  drink with rosemary and grapefruit juice. It was not what I typically drink, but I enjoyed the sour taste of the cocktail.

Friends and drinks at my favorite Dallas hangout

Friday morning, we picked up another friend from the airport and began the birthday celebrations complete with a donut cake!

Almost right away, we headed to the Dallas Arboretum to take advantage of their $1 days. The weather was humid and warm both Thursday and Friday, so the shade of the trees in the Arboretum was welcomed. Although we planned to picnic at the Arboretum, we ended up voting to go to Unleavened for lunch. The cute shop had wraps and salads with a ton of gluten free options, so it ended up being a perfect fit for our group.

After a quick afternoon nap with some books, we went to Sundown Granada next door to the Granada Theatre. I was most excited about their Hibiscus Martini, and I was not disappointed. The drink was a sweet and flowery with a touch of lemon. To eat, I had their Hammered Goat flatbread, and the two paired together nicely. Another delicious drink option is their Modest Mule. My friend had it, and this take on the Moscow Mule was incredible. Subtle ginger flavors mixed with a slightly sweet taste made it a great summery cocktail.

The Hammered Goat flatbread from Sundown Granada
Sundown Granada next door to the Granada Theater

The Granada Theater itself was gorgeous (see featured image). It is a historic music venue situated in the Greenville area of Dallas, and looks like a classic movie theater on the outside or a Broadway style theatre. Inside, the ceiling and walls of the theatre are painted with art-deco murals. The space can hold up to 1000 people, but it feels intimate and reminds me of Exit/In in Nashville. I’m not wild about country (even though I live in Nashville), but Frankie Ballard was a great concert to enjoy.  I really enjoyed hearing his classics like “Young and Crazy,” “Cigarette,” and “It’s a Helluva Life” that I subconsciously knew without even thinking about it.

Frankie Ballard – live at the Granada Theater

I have two more days in this beautiful city, and I can’t wait to tell you about the rest of my trip!

Dallas, you are beautiful and lively, and I’m excited to keep exploring what you have to offer!

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