Adventure to the Half

I have never been a runner. Growing up, I used to spend time playing competitive sports, but I didn’t usually run for the purpose of running. I found running boring because I didn’t count how many baskets or points that I scored.  Since I’ve been in graduate school and been  limited on time, I’ve worked out at the campus gym by running because it’s easier to fit this into my schedule than team sports.

This summer, I decided that I wanted to set some goals for the upcoming year that I could work towards. One of the goals that I set was to run a half marathon.

I have concerns about the toll that a marathon can take on your body without extensive and appropriate training, so I was hesitant to set a goal for a full marathon. Instead, I will be running a few 5k races, 10k races, and 12k races throughout the year in order to prepare for a half marathon in the spring. The race that I am most looking forward to is the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run in early April.

Some of my inspiration comes from my grandfather who is in his 80’s. All of his life, he has been active. My grandmother too. Both of them look years younger than their age, and they are in good health. They inspire me to attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My grandmother still goes in the morning to do Spin Class! #fitgrandma

Even though I have been running for the past few weeks, I still hate running. It hurts. It’s long. I can’t breathe sometimes. But, I feel good. I feel healthy; I feel refreshed, and I feel proud. Today, I ran the farthest I ever have in one run.

I’ve been using a half marathon training program from the Nike Plus Running Club App, and I set it for about six months. The plan builds in rest days and strength training automatically and adjusts my program based on the pace that I keep in previous runs.  For the built in rest days, I’m hopefully going to be doing team intramural sports at the campus gym AND taking dance classes with the Nashville Ballet (YAY!). For the strength training days, I’ll be using the Nike Plus Training Club App that builds workouts for your core, arms, legs, or even your whole body. I also LOVE Tone It Up, a workout community run by two best friends! They have great workouts, daily workout schedules, and healthy recipes on their website. My absolute favorite workout is their ab workout.

Throughout the year, I’ll be using #adventuretothehalf to chronicle my journey to a goal that is going to be hard for me physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you have any suggestions for which half marathon I should run in the spring, just comment below!


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