| feb 2019 | playlist

As you know, I make thousands of playlists. I try to share a curated one for all of you once a month filled with songs I've been listening to on repeat. I have an interesting taste in music so it's often a combination of pop music, international hits, and edm. If you're curious about my other playlists, be sure to check out my Spotify!

The Christmas Gift Guide On a Budget

Gifts are one of my love languages. I love to buy tiny things for my friends whether its keychains, mugs, socks, or candles. I've bought coffee socks for friends who like coffee; I've bought cacti prints for friends who are into plants. This is why Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! If you've been … Continue reading The Christmas Gift Guide On a Budget

April 2018: What I’m Jamming To

It only took two months, but I'm back writing again. My favorite thing to do right now is to make a playlist and share it with you all. It's April 30th, so I figured it was acceptable to post an April playlist to celebrate the end of the month and the warmer weather. Definitely have been dancing to these songs since the weather has gotten nicer.